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Poultry Cage

Poultry cages feeding systems 
Commercial egg layers cage 
A and H type, 3-6tier 
poultry farming equipment 

Poultry cages feeding systems




A type commercial layers cage
1870mm x 370mm x 370mm
432cm2 per layer, 4cells per cage, 4layers per cell
A type-3tier-96commercial layers cage
A type-4tier-128commercial layers cage


H type commercial layers cage
2250mm x 600mm x 430mm
450cm2 per layer, 5cells per cage, 6layers per cell
H type-3tier-180commercial layers cage
H type-4tier-240commercial layers cage
H type-5tier-300commercial layers cage
H type-6tier-360commercial layers cage


1. Nipple drinking system

2. Auto feeding system (Sowing type feeding system & Mechanical on-rail hopper feeding system)

3. Manure removing system

4. Egg collecting system

5. Ventilation & control panel etc.


Surface treatment:


Hot galvanized metal, lifespan can last for 15-20years


Special products are available according to customer requirements.